The network first published “the Russian Chronicler 1649”



The network first published a unique historical source, “Russian Chronicler 1649”. It is reported portal “Russian faith” on Monday, March 11.

It was discovered in the collection of ancient books and manuscripts entrepreneur Vadim Yakunin. Digitization began publishing “ACTAEON”, after which the meeting gave to be placed on the old believers ‘ website.

Previously, “Russian Chronicler of 1649” was in the collection of one of the first collectors of ancient Russian books and manuscripts in Soviet times, Stephen Sevastyanov. Yakunin acquired the manuscript from his heirs.

It is noted that it presents new historical facts about the events of the time of Troubles and the reign of the Romanov dynasty. In addition, it is assumed that “Russian Chronicler 1649” could be used as a source when writing the “tale of bygone years”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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