A tourist fell overboard in a storm and survived through jeans


www.vsyako.netPhoto: home of Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter Service in Facebook

A German tourist fell overboard during a storm and survived thanks to the “life jacket”, which he built from jeans. It is reported by The Sun.

30-year-old German, Arne Murka was sailing with his brother Helge off the coast of New Zealand. Suddenly the travelers were faced with bad weather and the Cat was thrown overboard due to wind gusts.

According to the German, he became entangled in the ropes and went to the bottom, and when he managed to swim to the surface, the ship with his brother was too far.

Then the Cat decided to use the trick used by the U.S. military. He removed his jeans, tied the pant legs in a knot, filled them with air under water and threw herself on the neck.

So the man managed to make a “life jacket”, but even with him in the storm survival was not easy. Arrived on the scene rescuers pulled him from the water and said that the Cat was incredibly lucky.

“Without jeans I wouldn’t be here. They really saved me,” explained the man.

In August 2018 passenger cruise liner company Norwegian Cruise Line, EN route from Croatia to Italy, fell overboard and was saved with the songs and yoga. 46-year-old British woman Kay Longstaff sailed in shorts and t-shirt in 20-degree water about ten hours. She was about 100 miles from shore.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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