“Roscosmos” will develop “anti-gravity motor”


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“Roscosmos” will develop “quantum engine”. The prospects of the product, the existence of which is refuted by modern physics, was discussed at the round table, says “Military-industrial courier”.

During the event, member of the expert Council of the Duma Committee on defence the General-Lieutenant Michael Sautin said that at the initiative of the Deputy General Director of Rosatom Ivan Kharchenko developed terms of reference (TOR), involving the creation of a demo of “quantum engine”.

“TK approved General designer of launch vehicles spacecraft into orbit with the corresponding terrestrial infrastructure Alexander Medvedev and agreed to by the Director of the Institute of space systems (NIIKS) Mikhail Makarov,” — said the member of the expert Council.

According to him, “now [the General Director of state Corporation] Dmitry Rogozin instructed to begin development of the quantum engine.”

He States that “the quantum drive starts from the global fields of the CMEA due to the deformation in the desired direction (curvature Einstein) quantized space-time, creating an artificial gravitational force (thrust)”.

Views Leonov contradict contemporary physics, according to which in nature there are four fundamental interactions (gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak). He is the author of “quantum engine” has repeatedly criticized the activities of the Commission on pseudoscience when the RAS Presidium.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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