Surviving the assault of the Jaguar a visitor to the zoo apologized for his behavior


www.vsyako.netFrame: CNN

A visitor to the zoo in the American state of Arizona who is in hospital after he tried to take a selfie with a Jaguar, and asked for forgiveness. It is reported by news portal CNN.

The incident occurred on March 9. The American climbed over the barrier separating the enclosure with the animal to be photographed with him.

The female Jaguar attacked the visitor through the fence and plunged its claws into her hands. Other visitors were able to distract the predator scoring in the cage the bottle. They dragged an American from the enclosure, from the pain she lost consciousness.

Arrived at the scene, ambulance and transported the woman to hospital. It is reported that the wounds did not threaten her life.

A spokeswoman for the zoo, Kristy Marcum (Kristy Morcum) noted that the visitor apologized to the institution and pleaded guilty. “She said she felt awful because the zoo she has gained notoriety,” added Marcum.

In the official account Twitter of zoo visitors are assured that the animal will not be euthanized: “It’s a wild animal and his cage was installed barriers for the safety of our visitors. The animal is not their fault that someone crossed the barrier.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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