Dipping Russian student in a toilet bowl was explained by the lack of “male role model”


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Russia’s investigative Committee has investigated the causes of conflict in school, the seaside town of Bolshoi Kamen, whereby the parents of students staged a vigilante justice on a fifth grade bully. About it reports a press-Department service on Wednesday, March 13.

Senior assistant head of the TFR Igor Komissarov met with school staff, parents and the affected child.

Following the meeting, he pointed out that in the school are women of retirement and preretirement age, and no male teachers, “able personal example of this man’s behaviour to raise children”.

The commissioners also drew attention to the shortcomings of training of teachers and psychologists in the resolution of children’s conflicts and the formal approach of the guardianship to the child’s family.

Besides, the class teacher did not notice that the grandmother has lost control over the boy, whereby he terrorized classmates.

There is no established system of free and affordable recreation and employment of adolescents.

Teachers complained Komissarova on low salaries, shortcomings in the collection of the state educational institutions, the dominance of paper work to the detriment of the education of children, the lack of opportunities for training.

The representative of the RCDS was found in rehab with a boy whose parents had been dipped in the toilet. He noted the professionalism of its employees who render psychological assistance to children in difficult life situation.

Currently, the investigation established that the main cause of the events was a failure by school staff of effective measures to resolve the existing conflict situation and the inability of a guardian for a number of reasons to provide adequate supervision and upbringing of the boy.

The Governor Oleg Kozhemyako recommended that the head of administration of the Big Stone Alexander Andruhina “immediately to consider the question of exemption of substituted positions of the persons who committed the negligent attitude to the resolution of the conflict situation in the school.”

Fifth-grader for a long time mocked by his peers, but the school administration did not respond to the complaints of parents. When he was beaten by a classmate, the adults decided to teach him a lesson: they have got a bully in the school toilet and there dipped my head in the toilet.

After the emergency action was taken about the abuse and neglect.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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