In Russia patented “flying Kalashnikov”



In the registry of the Federal Institute of industrial property, subordinate organizations of Rospatent, March 12 there were data on the patent for the industrial design of the unmanned aerial vehicle interceptor. The attention it drew blogger dambiev.

The patentee specified concern “Almaz-Antey”, whose structures develop and produce weapons for air and missile defense.

About the creation in Russia of such drone became known in 2017. It was reported that it was developed in student design Bureau of aircraft modeling at the Moscow aviation Institute. The unit weight of 23 kilograms carries the firing system on the basis of a smooth-bore carbine “Vepr 12 Molot”, which in turn was developed based on the design of the Kalashnikov machine gun. The magazine will hold 10 rounds. The drone is also equipped with on-Board detection systems, pointing and aiming.

In the state Duma in January this year announced the development of the bill, which regulates the use of drones in the course of events. The authors of the document propose to give security forces the right to destroy the drones during the meetings.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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