Revealed the life of the militants in the last stronghold of ISIS


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maya Alleruzzo / AP

Edition Ruposters made a selection of publications in social networks and screenshots messengers militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), surrounded the tent camp near the Syrian village of Bagus. This is the last in the valley of the Euphrates river stronghold refused to lay down their arms of Islamists, also under the control of terrorists remain land in the desert part of Syria, the map of hostilities in the territory of the Republic.

In one of the February posts said that the tent city round the clock as under fire from small arms and mortars and artillery. At night the camp was attacked by “flying battery” — US air force aircraft type AC-130, armed with a aerogun and heavy guns. “Every night, so sleep does not” — complained to the militants.

According to another terrorist, the inhabitants of the camp it’s hard to even go to the toilet because they are being watched by enemy snipers and machine gunners, which took almost all the houses in Baghouse.

All the witnesses complain of hunger and food shortages. There are reported daily increase in food prices: one trip for supplies in the local market that can cost $ 100. Introduced during the humanitarian pause food quickly dismantled the militants of Iraqi origin and began to sell it to others at inflated prices. It is also reported that due to shelling, it is difficult to get close to the river for water, so many suffer and die from dehydration.

The attack on the remnants of ISIS near Bagusa lead “the Democratic forces of Syria” (DSS), which are based fighters-Kurds. The head of the press center of DSS Mustafa Bali wrote on Twitter on March 12 that the jihadists began to give up: so, one day, he said, laid down their arms three thousand Islamists.

However, remaining in the camp, the terrorists have fierce resistance: they, in particular, launched two attacks with missiles, which killed three soldiers of DSS, and for defense dug deep tunnels. Bali also said that most of the militants who refused to surrender, are foreigners.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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