Scorpio crawls into the plane and bit the passenger during the flight


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Air Transat

Passenger canadian airline Air Transat has complained that during the flight she was bitten by a Scorpion. About the history wrote CBC News.

Student at Queen Mal’tis flew on flight Tronto, calgary, and suddenly felt some movement in the lower back. The girl ignored him, thinking that the case in the air conditioner. “As soon as the light before planting extinguished, I felt a sharp pain and realized that someone bit me” — shared Mal’tis.

Then she unbuckled the seat belt, jumped from the chair and saw a Scorpion. “My sweater was Scorpio. He was sitting on my back the last 30 minutes… about the Size of 10 centimeters. What was he doing in the canadian aircraft?”, she told about the beginning of the panic.

Approached a flight attendant first tried to convince the passenger that her back crashed into the wrapper from the gum, but soon she noticed an insect between the seats.

After landing, the doctors conducted Mal’tis from the plane to the terminal and inspected the bite and concluded that her life is not in danger. “I had a real panic attack. I just could not calm down,” recalls Mal’tis.

The airline caught the Scorpion right after all passengers have left the ship. “This is an extremely rare situation, but unfortunately it may occur. Our staff followed the rules and conducted a full inspection of the plane”, — commented on the incident, a spokesman for Air Transat.

In February, a large Scorpion crawled in the airplane of the airline Lion Air, flying from Pekanbaru to Jakarta. Seeing the Scorpion, the passengers moved away from him. The staff could not get to him, because the cabin was chaos. When they reached the desired number, Scorpio has already crept beyond the shelf.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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