Kudrin urged Russia to settle with the West


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The head of audit chamber and former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin called on the Russian authorities to start negotiations on the reduction of the sanctions regime for investment climate improvement. The words of the chief auditor of the country leads “Interfax”.

Kudrin believes that the Ministry of internal Affairs, Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Ministry of economic development (MED) is necessary to synchronize the work in this direction. “We need a friendly global environment, we need to enter these markets, we need to work in different jurisdictions, our company needs to be perceived as effective, working according to clear, transparent rules,” he said.

The former Minister also links the need to work together with the execution of the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the achievement of growth of the Russian economy on the level of average. According to Kudrin, if the current diverse work of the Ministry of interior, Ministry of foreign Affairs and the MAYOR and fierce sanctions rhetoric to achieve this task impossible.

“Russia should seek to reduce this factor, to reduce political differences and sanctions regimes, to achieve this, including as a result of negotiations”, — said the head of the audit chamber, noting that it needs to be a two steps forward.

Kudrin urges state agencies to work side by side to achieve such ambitious goals. “It has to be a team, everyone should have a common goal,” explained the work of state agencies the head of the chamber, noting that only consolidated efforts can help implement the President’s task.

In January Kudrin noted that to achieve this goal Russia needs investment, the growth of labor productivity and quality workforce.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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