Solve the mystery of human existence-the hobbits


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Scientists at the Emory University have identified what habitat preferred man Florensky (Homo floresiensis) is an extinct human species, nicknamed the hobbit because of the small growth. In addition, it was revealed that he hunted large animals, including stegodons, giant storks and Komodo dragons. Still about the lives of these hominids was known to very few. About it reported in a press release on

The researchers analyzed about ten thousand rodent bones found in limestone cave of Liang Bua on Flores island (Indonesia), where previously were found the remains of the hobbits. The fossils had belonged to the five kinds of rats of various sizes, including Rattus hainaldi the size of a mouse and Florensky rat Papagomys armandvillei, comparable with the cat. After the identification of the remains, scientists have linked them to specific environmental conditions, according to bone morphology.

It turned out that habitat Komodomys rintjanus represents open grasslands with alternating forest and hainaldi R. and P. armandvillei preferred a more closed — forest area. Tracking of relative abundance of rodent species over time showed that a hundred thousand years ago the area was a open pasture, and 60 thousand years ago there were more forests. In the sediments of that time the remains of the hobbits are not found, that indicates that they left the cave.

Scientists believe that man Florensky prefer to hunt animals that make up its diet, more open terrain in other parts of the island.

The remains of Homo floresiensis were first discovered in 2003 in Indonesia on the island of Flores. Their age reached 13-95 thousands of years. Growth Florensky was about one meter, and the volume of their brains was three times less than the volume of the brain of modern man. It is assumed that they appeared about 1.75 million years ago.

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