The businessman wished faster to hide his bald head and died


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Murad Sezer / Reuters

In India, a businessman died after surgery for hair transplantation. This publication reports the Times of India.

The owner of a logistics company, 43-year-old Shravan Kumar Chaudhary (Shrawan Kumar Choudhary) has turned into one of the private clinics of plastic surgery in Mumbai secret from family Friday, March 8.

The man paid 500 thousand rupees (about 470 thousand) and expressed a desire to him for once transplanted 9250 hair. Typically, during the operation, transplanted three thousand hair, and a plastic surgeon agreed to transplant only 3.7 thousand. The procedure lasted 12 hours, while its maximum recommended duration is six to eight hours.

Soon after surgery he started having a severe allergic reaction — anaphylactic shock. Choking the businessman was taken to hospital where he died the next day from multiple organ failure — failure of multiple internal organs.

Chief doctor of the clinic Halvah Vikas (Vikas Halwai) claims that Chaudhary has passed all the necessary tests before the operation. Police began investigating the incident.

The representative of the Indian Association of plastic surgeons called difficulty breathing “is very rare complication after a hair transplant face units”. He added that the patient had to be under medical supervision for at least a day.

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