The dude went from Posner during an interview with Kiselev


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Vladimir Pozner appreciated the interview that the journalist and blogger Yuri Dude took the TV presenter Dmitry Kiselev. The article appeared on the website “daily mail”.

Posner quoted Duda, who said that his goal during the interview is “Doge man”. According to the journalist, in the case of Kiselev Dude with this problem have failed, and in an interview with him. The presenter attributed this to the fact that the interviewer felt the danger.

“So he decided he Kiseleva destroyed. But it worked other way around, because Kiselyov Dmitry Konstantinovich experienced man. Began his career in international broadcasting, in radio and television promoter in Scandinavia. He’s capable of. He’s artistic, he’s smart. That is, it was necessary to prepare for it,” says Posner.

He was struck by the fact that the blogger “began to stick” to Kiselyov with questions about his earnings. Posner noticed that Dude “didn’t know where to go” when Kiselyov asked him to show genitals in exchange for something that Kiselev voiced your income.

“He lost. And if you are doing an interview based on the desire to win, then it would lie in wait for,” stated the leader.

Interview with Kiselev on the TV channel “wdud” was released on 5 February. It caused outrage from the fans of the transmission. Commentators on YouTube wrote that the broadcaster “beat” blogger.

Previously, Mr. Posner Dude for swearing and a desire to please the crowd.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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