The mysterious giver of money appeared in the Spanish village


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Leonhard Foeger / Reuters

In the Spanish village of Villarramiel, province of Palencia, the unknown puts people envelopes with money. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Anonymous began to make gifts on March 6. For a week he put the envelopes in the mailboxes or slipped them under the front door 15 of the villagers.

According to the head of the village of Nuria Simon Gonzalez (Nuria Simón González), recipients were found to 100 euros (7.4 thousand) in brown envelopes. Sometimes along with the money you have specified a recipient address, name, and notes with compliments like “the Princess of this house” and the image of the heart.

“We are all confused and waiting for the clue because don’t know where the money came from. We don’t know who is this benefactor and what his intentions are,” said Gonzalez. “Living with the son of a widow, with young children, elderly couples, couples middle age without children Among recipients of gifts there is no obvious relationship”, — added the woman.

Several residents who received the money, took the money to the police or to the Bank to verify their authenticity. The bills were real.

The police did not engage in the search for the benefactor, as he does not harm.

According to the newspaper, lives in the village just over 800 people.

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