Found in WhatsApp new feature


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Shutterstock

In WhatsApp messenger will be a special mechanism to validate the authenticity of the photos. It is stated in the blog WABetaInfo telling about updates of the service.

In beta 2.19.73 the author of the blog found a function “search by image”. It allows the user to quickly upload a picture to the Google search engine to find similar or identical images. This will allow you to check whether the real or retouched, original or produced in the network.

Option is not yet available for users of the service. Employees of WhatsApp its appearance is not announced.

Probably the tool was created to counter the fakes. In February it became known that in the framework of this campaign, the messenger has limited the possibility of inviting users to group chats.

In 2019, the employees of WhatsApp announced new restrictions on the sending of messages. One message can be sent only five times.

The new rules were developed after the tragic events in India. Because of the proliferation of fake mailings in 2018 there killed dozens of people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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