Polka with the appearance of Barbie dolls and breast-eighth the size of the left alone


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Living in London polka spent over 50 thousand pounds (4.3 million rubles) for the sake of appearance Barbie doll. Her story shared the edition of the Daily Mail.

Candy Paulina (Paulina Candy) admitted that teenage dreamed “of the perfect figure like a Barbie doll”. The first operation for breast augmentation she did at 18, and since then has reached a size eight. Polka also changed the size and shape of lips, buttocks and nose.

She works as a beautician and removed for Playboy magazine. With 20 years of candy every day is at the gym, keeps a strict diet and not drink alcohol. However, sometimes she does not deny yourself the pleasure to eat pasta or sushi.

Candy claims that many of the operations it did at the expense of the men he met. According to her, they asked her to enlarge the Breasts, to “improve sex life”.

Now 24-year-old candy alone, but says that she has “a long queue of fans.” According to her, some men are proposing to her on the first date. However, polka lamented that because of “excessive sexuality,” it is difficult to find a worthy partner. “People say that I look like a porn star. But I want to be a porn star just for one person,” she said.

Candy added that family and friends are very surprised at the change in her appearance, but supported it. Polka itself considers that the operation did not change her as a person, but helped her improve self-esteem. In the near future, she plans to make another rhinoplasty.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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