Russian teacher spoke of terrorizing the school Deputy


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The teacher of a school in North Ossetia Madina Sozieva told the details of his beating of the Deputy of meeting of representatives of Ardonskiy district Vasily, Gogichashvili (according to other information, Gogichaev), according to the portal VSE42.RU.

According to the woman, she taught 12-year-old niece of a Deputy, and he often went to understand in school, if the girl put a bad grade or made the remark. One day he came to the teacher and started hitting her on the head, “pulling hair, face slapping was done”. Then Sozieva turned to the Director and to the police, and the parents of the children, who witnessed the assault, wrote a letter to the district head and demanded to take action against Gogichashvili.

The expert added that when the story became known to the public and to journalists, a Deputy came to her to apologize and wanted to get up on his knees before her.

Previously, “The Caucasus.Realities” published copies of the report Sazavou superiors and the complaints of the parents of the head of the district. The documents stated that on the morning of March 6 Basil Gogichashvili burst into the classroom to six-year-old children, started screaming, ran up to the teacher, hit her and began to pull at the hair on the floors. The man said that he was a Deputy and for him it will be nothing. All this happened in front of preschoolers. The reason for this behavior was a call to my niece who told the uncle that the teachers suspected her of stealing. The text also notes that in the past academic year, Gogichashvili assaulted another teacher.

14 Mar Basil Gogichashvili laid down his mandate, has declared his innocence and accused the local officials in the persecution. The man said “was right” and “anyone would have freaked out,” adding that he “finger didn’t touch anybody”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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