Teenagers in Dagestan staged a duel on firearms


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexey Sukhorukov / RIA Novosti

In Khadzhalmakhi village (Levashinsky district of Dagestan) between the two teenagers was an armed conflict, causes the police to find out. On Friday, March 15, an informed source reported to “Interfax”.

According to preliminary data, during the conflict, two teenagers born in 2004 hurt each other with firearms. They are currently hospitalized at children’s Republican clinical hospital of Makhachkala, as one of them is estimated as heavy, the second as moderate.

Meanwhile, the press service of the interior Ministry told RIA “Dagestan”, which, according to the Agency, four teenagers were playing on the outskirts of the village of Khadzhalmakhi, and in one of the unfinished houses found hunting carbine “saiga”. Seeing it, one of the Teens accidentally pressed the trigger and fired, as a result, two of the company wounded by a single bullet.

11 may 2018, it was reported that the interior Ministry in Dagestan has ordered an internal review of the conflict of the two police officers are injured from guns each other and a passerby who tried to stop them.

During the conflict the guards fired at each other with pistols. One received a tangential wound, and after the aid was released, the second is hospitalized. Wounded and a civilian who tried to stop the conflict, police; after treatment he was allowed to go home.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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