The bride found a secret message from a deceased mother on wedding shoes


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @LACEANDLOVESHOES

The Briton found on wedding shoes the message from the deceased mother from cancer. About it reports BBC News.

Emma from the English village Kibworth, Leicestershire, got engaged in 2016. A month after this her mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The bride was really hoping that the mother will survive until the wedding, scheduled for August 2019, but the woman died in 2017.

In early March, the 38-year-old Emma received a parcel with shoes. The bride got the shoes and found on the soles of the message. “I wanted you got from me a gift on the wedding day. These shoes — my gift to you” — read it on the left Shoe. Still not knowing from whom she got the gift, Emma picked up the right Shoe and read: “Hope this day will become for you the magic. I really, really, love you and hugs. Kiss, mother.”

“I burst into tears. My heart to pieces if shattered. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t talk,” admitted the woman.

Amanda wise (Amanda Weise), the owner of an online store, where the mother of the bride ordered the shoes, said that this pair of shoes “caused her a lot of emotions.” “I hope they will give her a bit of calm in the wedding day. If the mother leads her to the altar,” said the woman.

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