The dog swam thousands of miles away and was put to sleep against the wishes of the hostess


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Roy Kwong page in Facebook

The family dog wandered into the hold in Thailand, sailed two thousand kilometers and was euthanized in Hong Kong. According to the information portal Coconuts, the government’s decision has angered animal welfare activists.

Upon arrival at the port captain handed over the dog to local authorities. Before that, one of the sailors took a picture of the animal and posted the picture on social networks, hoping to find the owner. He warned that, if the owner does not turns up for four days, then the dog is euthanized.

The message responded the owner of the animal living in Bangkok. However, the dog could not be saved: the vets have done lethal injection before he expired four-day waiting period. Sister mistress of the animal reports that the “heartbroken”. Animal rights activists criticized the government’s decision and said they were going to make an apology to the Ministry of agriculture, fisheries and reserves of Hong Kong.

Representatives of the office claim that the measures had to be used “for reasons of health and well-being of animals.” They explained that the dog had no medical documents, and veterinarians decided to euthanize her, as in Thailand recently caused an outbreak of rabies.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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