The number of shooting victims in New Zealand has increased to 40


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Mark Baker / AP

The victims of the shooting in mosques in New Zealand were 40 people. This was announced by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, reports Reuters.

According to her, more than 20 people were injured. She also noted that the detainees were held extremist views, but did not come to the attention of the police.

The head of government added that the security threat level in New Zealand is currently at the highest level. Ardern suggests that the country has become a target because of its values, including multiculturalism, reports CNN.

Earlier it was reported that he was detained four people — three men and one woman. Officially confirmed that one of them is an Australian citizen. According to media reports, is a native of the city of Grafton in New South Wales by the name of Brenton Tarrant. It was reported that he was the day before the shooting was published a Manifesto in which he called their actions a terrorist attack.

The shooting occurred on Friday, March 15, in new Zealand two mosques. It is known that two men broke into a mosque in the city of Christchurch and suburban settlement of Lynnwood immediately after the daily prayers, and opened fire on the people. Were also found several homemade explosive devices attached to cars. After the incident the police have asked all mosques in the country to close temporarily.

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