The passenger threw the coins into the engine of the plane for good luck and went on trial


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Passengers of Chinese airlines threw a coin in the engine of the plane for good luck and ran into a fine 6.5 thousand euros. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred in 2017, however, the court has sentenced a Chinese man by the name of Lee in March 2019.

If was to fly from Nanjing to Shenyang with the airline Shenzhen Airlines. However, before flying the man threw the engine of the plane coin for luck. Other passengers noticed this and reported his behavior to flight attendants.

The man was arrested, and the flight was canceled, so as not to expose other passengers to danger.

After that, the company sued the offending claim, stating that because of the incident, the carrier suffered financial losses in the amount of nine thousand euros. The court ruled in favor of Shenzhen Airlines and is obliged to pay 6.5 thousand euros.

As the newspaper notes, most people in China truly believe in signs and sometimes do stupid things. Since more than 70 percent of Chinese people have never flown on airplanes, they neglect the rules of safety and often leave coins in the plane for good luck.

For example, in February the airline Lucky Air have condemned the superstitious passenger, who was thrown into the engine samoleta two coins face value of one yuan in the hope of a safe flight. Due to the antics of the 28-year-old male airline had to cancel a flight.

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