The Russian Ambassador answered the one who called him “accountant” outraged Belarusians


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Russia’s Ambassador to Belarus Mikhail Babich calmly to criticism of their work. With this statement, the diplomat, commenting on the statement by the press Secretary of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Belarus Anatoly Eyes, spoke Friday, March 15. The words of Babich cites RIA Novosti.

Babich pointed out that he, “in contrast to these commentators,” the time to read and analyze all information appearing in the information space.

The diplomat was poironizirovat that, apparently, the response of the Eye and is the “top” of the diplomatic school, which said, “this commentator”. “His form for us is not surprising. But in shape need to understand the content,” said Babich.

He expressed confidence that “this foam will come”.”Most importantly, we could objectively evaluate the arguments of the Russian side and the Belarusian side to develop a mutually acceptable solution for the benefit of our peoples. Everything else is chatter,” said the Ambassador.

On the morning of 15 March on the website of the Belarusian foreign Ministry came the answer Eye to the question of the Russian news Agency RIA Novosti relatively done Babich evaluation of the development of Belarusian-Russian relations. The representative of Minsk has called the Russian Ambassador “an accountant or a budding accountant” and advised him “to delve into the specifics of the country and to show some respect.”

Published March 13 interview Babich assessed the development of Russian-Belarusian integration within the Union state. He detailed listing of the various indicators touched on the topic of diversification of Belarusian exports and pointed out that the Belarusian economy is seriously earns on the resale of Russian commodities. He also he expressed a tough stance of Moscow on the necessity of further development of integration and future gratuitous locating military objects in Belarus.

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