The Russians found evidence of the killing of his great-grandfather and angry militia


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti

Tomsk activist Denis Karagodin found in the documents of the state archive of Novosibirsk region information about the NKVD, who shot his grandfather 78 years ago. After that, the management of the institution closed to researchers and their employees access to the funds of the former KGB. About this Karagodin said in his blog.

The activist has published a copy of the order signed by the Director of the archive of Vladimir Shirokov. It says that the funds are closed until December 31, 2019, ostensibly to check 1175 “units” for the presence of “secret information”. He Karagodin sure to the closure involved “competent authorities”.

According to him, the incident is directly related to the work with documents, because access is restricted only to those archives, with whom he worked. “We will not stop! We consider the incident as one of the highest assessments of our work,” he wrote.

Karagodin a few years investigated the murder of his cousin in 1938 and found everyone involved, from the leadership of the NKVD in Moscow and executors of the death sentence and ending with the drivers and typists. 7 February, he published the full information about those who participated in the execution of Stepan Ivanovich karagodina and another 35 people in the Tomsk prison no. 3. He also posted transcripts of two meetings with the participation of Commissioner of state security of the USSR third class, the chief of the NKVD in the Western Siberian territory Sergey Mironov in Novosibirsk on 25 July 1937.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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