Washington counted fifty of hostile countries


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The Director of the division of policy planning of the state Department Kiron Skinner said that more than 50 countries can cause damage to the US. She spoke about it Thursday, March 16, at the Washington Center for strategic and international studies, said on the website site.

Skinner urged listeners to reflect on the geopolitical changes in the world since the end of XX century. According to her, before the United States was concerned only two players on the international stage, capable of inflicting damage to the country.

“China has had nuclear weapons, but he was not a rival because they tried to win the cold war, holding her side. At this time we were preoccupied with the rivalry with the Soviet Union”, — she said.

Today, according to the Director of the division of the state Department, more than 50 countries can cause substantial damage to Washington, causing concern. It’s not just about a massive nuclear strike, said Skinner. According to her, other States could hurt the United States via cyber warfare, economic warfare and information confrontation.

The main problem for Washington will be the developing countries that have recently acceded to or are able to join the nuclear club, says Skinner. “If you look at the demographics, you will understand that it’s a different world. China, for example, was the first in our history, a country that was a contender in the economy, and not just in the military sphere”, — she concluded.

On 19 January, the Pentagon released a new military strategy, in which the main strategic rivals, the United States named Russia and China. The paper reported that competition with Moscow and Beijing “will require large and sustained investment, because potentially these threats are aimed at the safety and welfare of the United States.”

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