Media have predicted the bankruptcy of the United States because of military spending


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The main culprits constantly growth of US debt are the military-industrial complex and incompetent government leadership. This writes the head of the Rutherford Institute, American writer and social activist John Whitehead in an article for CounterPunch.

“Ultimately, the military of the Empire inevitably die, stretching too much and spending every last penny… the American Empire is already crumbling,” said Whitehead, noting that the country is “approaching critical mass”.

According to him, corrupt officials, including from the U.S. Department of defense, continue to demand more funding to the military, while in fact much of the money spent on not related to the national security of the purchase.

As an example, Whitehead cites data collected by the organization Open the Government, according to which in the list of recent acquisitions of U.S. defense Department turned out to be porcelain Cutlery for 53 thousand dollars, a leather chair for 9 thousand dollars, alcoholic beverages 308 thousand dollars, as well as lobsters and crabs worth $ 4.6 million.

As the author notes, the U.S. government spends more than it receives from tax revenue, resulting in forced to borrow huge amounts from other countries. The greater part of the funds received power prefer to spend on financing of state institutions and “doing endless wars around the world,” and not on health and education.

So, since 2001 the US has spent on wars abroad 4.7 trillion dollars, and by 2053 the military expenditure of the country will increase to $ 12 trillion, says Whitehead. At the same time the country’s debt grows by $ 32 million per hour, and the government spends in Iraq in five seconds more than the average American receives in a year.

In January, The Washington Post said that the US military budget is in fact not much greater than the corresponding spending of China and Russia.

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