Protesters with chainsaws seized the building of the Serbian television


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Darko Vojinovic / AP Photo

In Serbia, the opposition seized the building of broadcasting company “Radio and television of Serbia” (RTS). This was reported on the website of the organization.

Before that protesters threw eggs and telecentre pasted leaflets.

“The Russian newspaper” with reference to local mass media wrote that the reason for the seizure was the unwillingness of the leadership of the broadcaster to invite the leaders of the opposition Bosko Obradovic and Dragan Djilas on political shows.

The head of the RTS Dragan Bujosevic later said that renew the air was only after the police removed demonstrators from the building. He stressed that the RTS are independent in determining the editorial policy, but the protesters decided on their own to determine the agenda of the channel, thus denying the protest legitimacy.

Protests in Serbia against incumbent President Aleksandar Vucic held since December last year. The reason for the first exit of people into the streets was the attack on an opposition politician in late November.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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