The Russians hunted grader in a letter to Putin and was forced to leave school


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The villagers Tomino Pskov region for several months bullied 12-year-old Tasia Perchikova, which complained to the President on poverty of the family and the hard work of her mother Helena. The villagers accused the family of fraud, threatened to published naked photos of a girl in social networks and has created unbearable conditions for life, found “Medusa”.

The publication writes that in a letter to the administration of the President did not answer, the reaction from the local authorities. Concerned the Russians have collected for Perchikova about 90 thousand rubles, sent children’s clothes and stationery. On donations, the family bought equipment for the garden, books, clothes and medicines.

Tasia Perchikova said that once they began to receive money and packages, the villagers got mad at her and began to call the children stopped being friends with her, threatened, accused of theft. Because of the persecution of the money had to be spent on distance learning girls at the Moscow school because my walking became unbearable.

In mid-February, the Fund’s “Countrymen” gave the sixth grader a laptop for school, and this, according to her, local residents “are unable to forgive them”. Soon she in “Vkontakte” wrote a boy who said that he likes her, and asked them to send Nude pictures. The pictures published in several pages and the account of “boy” has been deleted. Elena Pershikova written statement to the police. later it turned out that correspondence with IP were hidden ex girlfriend schoolgirl who allegedly helped adults. The audit materials sent to the Investigative Committee, considers a question on excitation of Affairs about the distribution of child pornography.

About the persecution of the family became known in late January, when the victim of the attacks was the girl’s mother. At work, told her off, colleagues threatened to write her up, and the social workers recalled the absence of her registration. On March 13, the woman resigned. Family looking for a house in the Pskov region to move as soon as possible.

In the letter, which Tasia Perchikova wrote and sent to Putin in December 2018, said about the financial difficulties her mother. According to the schoolgirl, a woman forced to work as a nurse in two shifts, because the wages in the district hospital — 5600 rubles, which is below the minimum wage. The girl asked the President to give them a walking tractor or mini-tractor to “mother less had to work with a shovel after duty, almost to the loss of power”. She also pointed to the problems of the village, in particular, that closed the only school.

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