Video of the mass shooting in New Zealand has sold millions of copies


Facebook has removed 1.5 million video time of the terrorist attack on a mosque in New Zealand. It is reported by the administration of the social network.

Clarifies that 1.2 million copies were locked at the time of video upload. Also deleted all the edited videos not showing sensitive content, working on it as a live moderators and software algorithms.

The attack on two mosques in New Zealand — in Christchurch and its suburbs Lynnwood — happened on March 15. The criminals opened fire on the congregation. 50 people were killed and over 40 were wounded. Police arrested four people, including Brenton Tarrant, broadcasting the carnage on the Internet.

Tarrant began the shooting with, “Remember guys, subscribe to PewDiePie” (Felix Kjellberg, the most popular blogger on YouTube). Later, Kjellberg responded to the incident, stating that he feels terrible after the killer said his name.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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