Trump made the accession of another country into NATO


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

The US President Donald trump said that “seriously considering” the possibility of Brazil’s membership in NATO. He told about it on joint with the Brazilian counterpart Jairam Bolsonaro press conference, reports Reuters.

Washington intends to declare Brazil’s main strategic ally among the States that are not members of NATO, and allows for the possibility of Brazil’s membership in the Alliance. “This will significantly strengthen security and cooperation between our countries”, — has explained to the American leader.

In addition, trump supports Bolsonaro desire to join the Organization for economic cooperation and development. According to the American leader, relations between the two countries “has never been so close”.

Earlier Bolsonaro called “clear Brazil from the dirty leftist”. It was noted that the visit of the Brazilian leader in Washington needs to demonstrate a commitment to the South American country, the United States, which is a deviation from the traditional diplomatic channels of the country.

Bolsonaro became President of Brazil October 28, 2018. He noted that plans to change the direction of the country and converge with developed economies, not regional allies.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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