Wishing the arrest of 104-year-old pensioner handcuffed


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Stokeleigh Care Home

In the UK 104-year-old pensioner has fulfilled her dearest wish and was arrested, reports the newspaper Metro.

The case occurred in the English city of Bristol. An elderly resident of a nursing home Stokeleigh Care Home Ann Brokenbow (Anne Brokenbrow) stated that all life was a law-abiding citizen and wants to visit the “dark side”. Then the local police are happy to respond to unusual wish the Brits and promised to come for detention.

Wednesday, March 20, law enforcement officers put on the charge centre in handcuffs and took her to her official car on a wheelchair. Then the woman sat in the passenger seat next to the driver and made some memorable photos.

On 16 March it became known that the nursing home Stokeleigh Care Home invited their guests to participate in charity events Wishing Washing Line (“Desire on the clothesline”). In the event the older people wrote on the piece of your dreams, indicating your contact details and put your order in a special box. Then the cards were hung on a clothesline in chain stores, so that anyone could fulfill the request of pensioners.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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