From the controversial Minister was required to draw up a black list of officials


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In Russia will appear the list of Deputy Ministers responsible for the failure of the Federal targeted investment programme (FTIP). The order gave the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, reported on the government website.

The document States that to make the list responsible for the failure of the Federal officials until March 29 needs of the Ministry and personally its head Maxim Oreshkin. The list should include Deputy Ministers, the fault of which is included in the program objects were not commissioned in time. On the basis of this list of officials will be applied measures of responsibility.

In addition, Ministers will have to present Medvedev reports and to report on the causes of failure of the FTIP and the new terms of commissioning of objects of the program.

By mid-may the Ministry of economic development should submit to the government proposals for simplifying the implementation of the FTIP. In particular, these measures should ensure the transfer of the unencumbered balances of budgetary appropriations for the next fiscal year.

The FTIP regulates the allocation of budget subsidies for the construction of real estate and capital objects, which subsequently will be transferred to the state. In 2019 as part of the FTIP will be allocated 781,5 billion: 284,9 billion for the construction of the social complex, 381,4 billion on the production facilities and of 115.1 billion — on the objects of a special set.

Earlier. was appointed head of the Cadastral chamber of Rosreestr native of Tashkent, Parviz Tukhtasunov. At the time of appointment it was known that he received a medical degree and has long worked as a nurse. Also the head is subordinate to the Ministry of economic development of Rosimuschestvo Dmitry Pristanskov was convicted of human rights defenders in a conflict of interest in the allocation of grants, and the former head of “Mail of Russia” Nikolay Podguzov is in the possession of the apartment cost more than a billion rubles. In addition, subordinated to the Ministry of economic development, Rosstat has repeatedly criticized economists for the unreliability of published data.

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