111-year-old man revealed the secret of his longevity


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The oldest inhabitant of great Britain jokingly called the secret of longevity “every avoidance of death.” This publication reports the Daily Mail.

On Friday, March 29, Briton Bob Walton (Bob Weighton) celebrated its 111th birthday. The man noted a significant date in the nursing home of the city of Alton, County of Hampshire, surrounded by friends and acquaintances. “I was worried the fears inherent in each, flu, malaria, underwent two to three operations. I have long had to die, but I can say that the fighter” — says the Briton.

An elderly man admitted that he does not like to be the center of attention. Walton prefers to meet new people and chat with those who “understand what it means to be human.” He even asked Queen Elizabeth II that she did not send him “soulless” greeting card. “I don’t understand why the state should pay for all these things, allegedly donated on behalf of the Queen, it’s not from her personally,” explained survivor.

According to the British, for all his long life the world order has changed, but people for the most part, remained the same. Walton also noted the progress in the means of transportation that significantly facilitated travel across countries. A man with two sons, a daughter, ten grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren, is trying to live independently.

Vaton still prepares meals and goes to the grocery store with a Walker for the elderly, which already appears new sign “Bob 111”. “A lot of people, being in a sullen mood, smiling at the sight of the plates. We engage in conversation, — said the pensioner. — That I live for that”.

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