A Russian Governor has explained for “holiday gasification” in the middle of the slums


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Nicholas Voisava page in “Vkontakte”

The head of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov could not leave with the Grand opening of a gas pipe in the middle of the slums in Sovetsk out of respect for attending the event to local residents. This he said in comments to radio station “Moscow speaking”.

“I’m not ashamed of it, because it is not the result of my reign. This kind this house was many, many years,” said Alikhanov. He also said that he had talked with the head of administration about the incident.

“The head of administration we are directly to punish cannot, I think, our conversation with him he will be long remembered, importantly, that the effect was from this conversation,” added the Governor. He noted that the repair of facades of buildings in Sovetsk will allocate additionally 100 million rubles.

Thursday, March 28, officials of the Soviet staged a launching ceremony of gas in 190 houses. All this occurred against the gray landscape, the iron fences, the sheds broken, ruined and shabby buildings.

It was noted that previously, due to the lack of gas, local residents had to pay huge sums for heating in winter. Some received bills for 18 thousand rubles per month. These expenses should be reduced to 4 thousand.

Anton Alikhanov was appointed the Governor of the Kaliningrad region on 29 September 2017. From October 6, 2016 September 28, 2017 it is temporarily fulfilled duties of the head of the region.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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