Attempts to disrupt the launch of “Nord stream 2” considered unsuccessful


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Attempts by Denmark to delay the approval of the route of the pipeline “Nord stream-2” will not affect the stated start date of the project. It is reported TASS with reference to the statement of the Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak.

The Minister also commented on new amendments to the gas Directive — in the words of the Minister, they will not have a negative effect on the project because he is a commercial, and in Europe are interested in it. Novak added that the current amendments are softer than those considered previously. These rules allow the controller on the territory of which the pipeline runs from the offshore part of the land, to make decisions about the regulation within the territorial waters of the country.

In February the EU approved the new amendments to the gas Directive, according to which the pipelines from third countries passing through the territory of the EU, cannot be owned by the gas suppliers. The new Directive has not yet been approved. Currently, the operator “Nord stream-2” is 2 Nord Stream AG, registered in Switzerland. The company is fully owned by Gazprom.

Denmark is the only country which has not yet issued a permit for the construction of “Nord stream-2” in its territory (it has provided Finland, Sweden and Germany). The power of the Kingdom said that the Russian project may cause damage to the Danish state and to increase energy dependence of Europe from Russia. Russia sent to the authorities of Denmark to 2017 and 2018 two prompts — first for the construction of gas pipeline in its territorial waters, the second in the exclusive economic zone.

At the end of March, Denmark submitted 2 Nord Stream AG, the requirement to include in the environmental assessment of a version of the gas pipeline in the Danish exclusive economic zone to the South of the island of Bornholm. Then concerns were raised that because of the position of Copenhagen, the pipeline will not be launched before the end of the year when the transit contract with Ukraine.

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