Became known details of the escape and death of a Russian soldier


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Sergey Averin / RIA Novosti

The contractor, who escaped from the military unit and committed suicide, was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. About this TASS said a source in power structures of the region.

Before the emergency of a soldier deprived of driving license for drunk driving. He returned to his unit, armed and on the run.

The source noted that the suicide — household.

“He’s in the car a little, maybe was drunk or broke the rules. The cops wanted to take his driver’s license or the bribe demanded. And he’s a proud guy, instead of a bribe took the gun and decided to go for the truth, well, shot him and staged allegedly shot himself. He’s not down and out drug addict or the lovelorn Romeo to kill himself,” said friend of the deceased, reports the Telegram-channel Hue.

Earlier on March 29, it was reported that a search team found the Sergeant dead in one of the residential buildings. Weapons and ammunition were found near the body.

Denis Belousov left the 6th brigade of the aerospace forces in the city of Rzhev of the Tver region early morning of March 29.

3:40 he arrived at the unit, said the duty — Lieutenant Koltsov that urgently need a report on counter-terrorism. He gave him the AK-74, four stores, with 120 cartridges, a bulletproof vest and helmet, bayonet.

After photographing on the field, the Lieutenant departed, and the Sergeant fled into the woods.

Before that Belousova was a conflict with stopped him on the road by the traffic police.

A fugitive with the rank of Sergeant serving on a contract basis. He deserted during guard duty, was informed a source “Interfax”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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