China demanded that the US stop throwing mud at him


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Beijing believes that the US should stop fabricating rumors and “mud” China. This was reported on the official website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China.

“We urge the us side to respect facts, abandon prejudices, to be careful in words and actions, to stop deliberately throwing mud at [China],” said foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang. The response I received to a request to comment on the allegations about the Muslim “re-education camps” by the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

Accusations of technological espionage and the imposition of debt to other countries, the speaker said that a lie repeated many times. “America is trying by all means to maintain its economic and technological dominance. The tactics of the thief shouting “stop thief” will definitely fail,” concluded Geng Shuang.

Earlier in March China published its report on the situation of human rights in the United States in 2018. Report reveals violations in various spheres of life.

March 26, Mike Pompeo called in China’s Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region (XUAR) of human rights violations is unprecedented. “We are working to persuade China to stop doing that,” said the Secretary of state. The same day he met with the Uighurs, members of families which are contained in the “reeducation camps”.

The camp attracted international attention after the information that them for political re-education contains nearly a million Uyghurs and representatives of other Muslim peoples. In Beijing argue that such centers are part of the program of counteraction to extremism, and contained in them provide useful job skills. At the same time, according to those who went through the re-education of people in the camps were tortured.

The Chinese government has long denied the forced imprisonment of Muslims in such centers. For the first time the existence of the camps acknowledged in China October 2018. Then, in one of the official documents of Parliament SUAR mentioned that they teach law, “are engaged in ideological education, to help bring order to thoughts, correct behavior, to learn the state language” is Chinese.

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