For publishing naked pictures girls who wrote to Putin, no one will be punished


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alex Maligawa / RIA Novosti

Investigation Department for the Pskov region did not open a criminal case on distribution of intimate photos of 12-year-old Tasi Persikovoe Casino from the village, which the locals hated after her letter to the President with complaints about the hard life of the family. On this “Radio Liberty” said her mother Elena.

The investigation revealed that photos on the Internet spread 14-year-old ex-girlfriend girls after in February of 2019 they had a falling out. The contemporary has created a fake account in “Vkontakte” began to write to Agree, on behalf of the boy that she supposedly liked, and deception lured her personal photos. The girl they sent to their friends, and they were published in several regional public.

The refusal stated that the actions of 14-year-old girlfriend is not a crime, because criminal liability for possession and distribution of child pornography starts with 16 years. The same applies to the illegal collection of information constituting a personal secret of the person. The investigators concluded that the girl was not going to meet their needs by using pictures and distributed them out of personal animosity to Agree with it.

“So he wanted power. We tucked tails go dunno where, will change names to work with psychologists, and for them it’s nothing,” — commented the decision of the UK Elena Pershikova.

At the end of last year Tasia Perchikova wrote a letter to Vladimir Putin, complained of the small salary of the mother and their difficult life in the village, as well as closing the only neighborhood school. The girl asked the President a mini-tractor to “mother less had to work with a shovel after duty”. The answer they received, but concerned Russians began to list the family money and make gifts. It’s not like the locals, they got angry, began to accuse Perchikova fraud and the girl’s theft. Mother had to resign from the hospital because of threats she and her daughter are about to leave the village.

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