George Clooney came to the defense of gays


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Hollywood actor George Clooney called for a boycott of government-owned Brunei hotels, as the state imposes the death penalty for same-sex relationships. An article on this topic he published on the portal Deadline.

In the text, the artist explained that on April 3 the country will come into force a law under which gays would be stoned. He recalled that Brunei, despite the small population, is among the five richest Nations, Brunei Sultan is one of the most wealthy people in the world.

Clooney has listed nine hotels under the control of the authorities of the country, and asked readers to boycott them. “This is a good hotel. The people who work there are kind and helpful and have no relation to the owners of these objects. But let’s explain that every time we stay there, hold meetings or have lunch, we are investing money directly in the pockets of people who decide to throw stones and to hammer their citizens because they are gay or are accused of adultery,” wrote the actor.

On March 28 it became known that in Brunei adultery and homosexual sex will be punished by stoning to death. Innovations in the Sultanate also include the amputation of the right hand for theft committed for the first time. For repeated violation of the law, the thief will face the loss of the left leg.

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