Lolita refused to pay for utilities


www.vsyako.netLolita Misskate: Eugene Novozenina / RIA Novosti

Pop singer Lolita Milyavskaya called an attempt to steal the claim of the homeowners Association (HOA) and explained his refusal to pay for utilities because all the services have been paid previously. On Friday, March 29, the artist told the radio station “Moscow Says”.

Palladium said, that time they were paid and the HOA is trying to steal money from her. “I’m the judge today said, “I don’t drop money from the sky.” And 700 thousand rubles I could have spent much more productive. This, for example, one third of the filming of the clip”, — said the singer.

“Many refer to us as: those who show business (…), they with fat rage, do nothing and don’t want to pay. No! I have a whole communal paid!” — said Palladium.

The actress added that Moscow’s Basmanny court has transferred consideration of the case for six weeks. “This is the tenth or eleventh court, and at all the meetings I had, because it is a matter of honor,” she said.

The claim to Milavskaya was filed TSZH “Great Masons” in January 2019. Representatives of the Association intend to recover from the singer 760 thousand rubles, of which 610 thousand is a debt for utilities, and 150 thousand of the accumulated interest. According to plaintiffs, IBA did not pay for utilities in 2014.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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