Matthew McConaughey accidentally used marijuana Snoop Dogg and rap 13 hours


www.vsyako.netFrame: Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

While working on the film Beach bum Matthew McConaughey accidentally used marijuana, owned by hip-hop artist Snoop dog, who also played in the film. About it the actor said during the show “Jimmy Kimmel live”. The roller with the transfer published on the YouTube channel Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The actor said that in some scenes, the pictures show the cannabis, although this is actually oregano. He remembered that during the filming of one episode was used in front of the camera, the seasoning will feel weird and told Snoop dog. “Yo, Moondog (the name of the character McConaughey in “Beach bum” — approx. “Of the”), it was not a fake school, it’s fucked up Snoop,” replied the musician.

“The rest of the night I said not a word of English. But you said I did a lot of rapping,” continued McConaughey. “Yes, you removal 13 hours,” recalled Snoop Dogg. He explained that he had replaced the oregano for hemp, as the shots he wanted to use a drug instead of the seasonings.

On March 28 it became known that the actor Seth Rogen decided to create in Canada a company for the cultivation of marijuana. He plans to launch a brand called Houseplant along with producer Evan Goldberga.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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