NASA tested the first Martian helicopter


www.vsyako.netHelicopterФото Mars: NASA

Representatives of the jet propulsion Laboratory, NASA conducted the first tests of the Martian drone of the helicopter Mars Helicopter. This was reported on the website of the laboratory.

Electric aircraft weighing 1.8 kilograms was in the air for a total of 75 minutes. It is noted that flight tests were held March 27 in a special chamber where scientists have created conditions close to Martian — highly rarefied atmosphere saturated with carbon dioxide.

The researchers plan a few small test flights before sending the helicopter. He needs to prove that they are able to work in a Martian environment where night temperatures can fall to minus 90 degrees. Research tasks to be performed by the device, is still unknown.

Development of the helicopter underway since 2013. It is equipped with solar panels for recharging and the heating mechanism for cold planet. To Mars deliver the device is expected in February 2021. If the mission is successful, then USA will become the first country that started on another planet flying machine heavier than air.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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