Residents of the Arctic districts of Yakutia will be exempted from tax


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Bolot Bochkarev / RIA Novosti

The head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev instructed the local government to prepare a bill to abolish certain taxes for residents of the Arctic districts of the region, reports TASS.

“I instruct the government to prepare a draft law to abolish the transport tax for physical persons in the Arctic and asking the municipalities to exempt from the payment of taxes on property of physical persons and land tax for individuals living in the Arctic,” — said Nikolaev at the plenary session of the VIII Congress of Council of municipal formations of the Republic — Association of inter-municipal cooperation.

The President added that the lost income of the municipalities will be compensated from the budget of Yakutia. The preliminary cost of the initiative — of tens of millions of rubles annually.

According to TASS, in the case of adoption of the instrument, zeroing of taxes will affect residents 13 Northern and Arctic regions of Yakutia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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