Russian spy plane was spotted over military bases USA


www.vsyako.netFrame: Vyacheslav Lukin / YouTube

The plane of Air and space forces of the Russian Tu-154M LK-1 made an observation flight over strategic us military bases and facilities in the Western United States. The flight was carried out in the framework of the international Treaty on open skies (DON), reports “Interfax” citing a source.

Equipped with equipment for photography and radar surveillance aircraft took off from the base of the great falls (Montana). For eight hours he cruised over the closed areas of the States of California and Nevada.

It is noted that Russian military aircraft conducted a flight over the Edwards air force base, the 42nd air force plant USA where upgrade and collect strategic aviation, Vandenberg air force base, where are the launchers of missile defense, and other military facilities.

In August 2018, the President of the United States Donald trump endorsed the defense budget in 2019. In it, among other things, there is a paragraph about the freezing run-DON Russia, while she, as stated in the document, will not return to its respect. Later, the state Department said that Washington would suspend its participation in the agreement and intends to comply with this agreement.

The open skies Treaty is an international agreement in 1992. It enables participating countries to make the inspection circled each other, watching thereby of the military and the observance of existing treaties in the field of arms control.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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