The bride demanded that the guests at the wedding of compensation for too cheap a gift


The wearer of the network complained about a friend who required a Supplement to the wedding gift. The bride decided that the guest gave her a cheap gift. The situation drew the attention of the tabloid the Mirror.

The girl told about the incident in an online community devoted to weddings. According to her, the friend called her to thank for participating in the celebration. In conversation she mentioned that the price of a gift is far below the amount that she spent on food and entertainment.

“At first I thought it was sarcasm and she was joking but she was serious,” said the girl. According to her, after these words, she was speechless.

The bride said that he had spent on the friend and her husband about $ 500. She decided that there would be “fair” if the couple presented her with an extra $ 300.

The guest said that he gave the friend $ 200 in cash and a candle for the house that cost $ 75. “I’m from Australia and we decided not to give gifts that are associated with the cost of attending the wedding,” she said in his post, noting that he believes his gift is quite decent.

Commentators supported the girl and asked her to stop communicating with a friend. “We cannot charge for entrance to your wedding. You don’t owe the bride,” they said. Many were surprised that people organize a chic wedding in order to get a lot of gifts to cover their expenses.

Earlier the Facebook visitor complained to his girlfriend, who decided to abandon the reception at the wedding. So the bride and groom wanted to save money on the event.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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