The indigenous people of the North asked to protect them from Russian officials


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Paul lions / RIA Novosti

The indigenous people, the Saami, living in the Murmansk region, has complained to the UN on regional government, which gave the reindeer pastures in the Lovozero district in the long-term lease to a private hunting club. This writes the “Novaya Gazeta”.

In his address the management of the farm “Olenevod” and the Foundation of the s├ími heritage and development indicated that the auction for the right to use 72,7 thousand hectares of land was carried out without the consent of the indigenous inhabitants of the territory. Thus had violated Federal law, according to which the minorities are entitled to the free use of land, necessary for the conduct of the traditional economy. It also reported a violation of several articles of the international Convention on indigenous peoples and the Convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination.

The publication notes that the Sami activists appealed to the presidential administration and the Governor of the Murmansk region, but no help came.

The land on the river Ponoy in the Lovozero district, there are migration paths of the reindeer. Also come there to give birth and bring up young female moose. Indigenous peoples have not traditionally hunt in this area and use the land only for grazing domestic reindeer farm Olenevod. The Saami are afraid that the arrival of hunters will shoot the deer, hunting of which is prohibited until 2020.

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