The man complained of “clingy” girls and he was annoying


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A Reddit user published a post in which several example screenshots of Facebook showed how complaining about the “stickiness” of the girls the guy can be annoying. Publication in the section “Killed by words” has collected more than 52 thousand approvals.

The image shows a post of a man named Ben (Ben) in the social network, in which he complains of overly active girls, constantly demanding attention. His friend Greg (Greg) publication amused, and he jokingly said that all will be well, if “stay away from those [girls] who want to have your children”.

However, after three girls — Jessica, Daphne and Annika (Jessica, Daphne, Anika) — has published screenshots of his correspondence in personal messages with Ben. Each of them had the same story — on different days he wrote to them “Hey” (Hey), but received no response.

Users liked this approach girls. “Killed by words… without words. It’s a talent,” said one user. Another shared his own story: “In high school one of the guys in our company was a “serial prijestonica” (regularly sent greetings in private messages) and we didn’t know about it. It turned out that he sent these messages almost every girl in school.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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