The rules of calculation of wages in Russia decided to change


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The Russian government submitted to the state Duma draft laws on the right of the worker to choose a Bank for payroll. This is stated in the message on the website of the Cabinet.

The first (amends the Code of administrative offences), for failure of the employer to change the salary Bank statement of the employee proposes to introduce administrative responsibility for 10 to 20 thousand roubles of a fine for officials from 30 to 50 thousand for legal entities. the Second document (amends Labor code) proposes to increase the period within which the employee must report the intention to change the credit organization — it is proposed to increase from five business days to 15 calendar days prior to the day of payment of wages.

According to Fes, in 2018 were identified 81 thousand violations of the wage, of which about 10 percent relate to the manner, place and time of wage payments. The government explained that the violation of the right of an employee to the selection of an organization for payroll can provide advantages to the Bank for “payroll project” not only in attracting funds to accounts, but also in other activities. In some cases, this may restrict competition on the market.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2014 has signed a law abolishing the “wage slavery”. According to the document, the employee may choose to Bank the payroll, and the employer has no right to refuse.

In March 2019, the Chairman of the Board of alpha Bank Vladimir Senin said that adopted in 2014, the law has not solved the problem of “wage slavery”. According to him, the majority of workers in Russia remain tied to the Bank, which the organization has contracted.

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