Colonel Kvachkov explained the “unsinkable” Anatoly Chubais


www.vsyako.netAnatoly Cubiste: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti

Retired Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov, who served in the Russian military intelligence, said on air of “Constantinople”, said a top Manager and a former member of the government Anatoly Chubais part of some secret behind the scenes, which rules the world. So the military explained that Chubais for nearly 30 years continues to occupy key government posts and positions in large state-owned companies.

“Chubais is not a normal figure. About Chubais cannot be judged by its open positioning in political and socio-economic life. This is a secret world conspiracy, which finds him as their man in Russia”, said Kvachkov in interview to the program “Honest Frank”.

In the opinion of the officer, the backstage ruled by both Russia and the United States and other Western countries.

70-year-old Kvachkov in February of this year, was released from Mordovian penal colony where he was serving a sentence for inciting ethnic hatred. In the 2000s he was accused of the assassination attempt on Chubais, but was eventually acquitted. The military later convicted of preparing to organize an armed rebellion, the punishment for this retired Colonel departed.

Chubais in 2004, said that he knew about the three orders for his murder, the latter of which, according to him, was politically motivated out of hatred for him in connection with the accusation of “selling Russia”. Kvachkov also called Chubais a national traitor and stated that he would like to official appeared in court and was sentenced to death.

Anatoly Chubais was one of the main ideologists of privatization in the 1990s, as a result of which a considerable part of Russian enterprises have moved from public to private ownership; he also spoke in support of the mortgaging auctions, which led to the emergence in Russia of billionaire oligarchs. For the last 28 years, the official head of the State Committee for state property management, held the posts of Deputy Prime Minister and first Deputy Prime Minister, led the Ministry of Finance and the presidential Administration, was Chairman of the Board of RAO “UES of Russia”, and in 2008 became CEO of the state “Russian Corporation of nanotechnologies”, which was later transformed into the “RUSNANO”.

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