Hungary wanted to get gas to bypass Ukraine


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Hungary hopes to 2021 to receive gas from Azerbaijan. On Saturday, March 30, reports “European true”.

The Minister of foreign Affairs and trade of Hungary Peter Siarto and the head of Ministry of Azerbaijan Parviz Shahbazov agreed on 29 March in Baku a document on the establishment of a working group to prepare supplies.

Szijjártó said that Hungary is interested to 2021 “to join” to increased natural gas production in Azerbaijan and supplies intended for Europe. According to him, diversification of gas routes has long been on the agenda, but “due to different geological and regional reasons, this could not be realized.”

It is expected that shipments will go bypassing Ukraine, said

The head of the Hungarian foreign Ministry said that the conflict between Moscow and Kiev has a big impact on Central Europe as the agreement on regular gas supplies from Russia through Ukraine in 2020 is still not concluded. This is a particularly serious challenge for Budapest, since more than half of the Russian gas to the country comes through Ukraine. Earlier Szijjártó announced that they had agreed on additional supplies of Russian gas through Austria if Moscow and Kiev fail to reach agreement on the transit.

The Minister drew attention that Azerbaijan was opened three new gas fields, each of which has a capacity of over 500 billion cubic meters and started training to increase the capacity of the pipeline to South East Europe from 16 to 31 billion cubic meters per year.

March 25, the Ministry of energy of Russia said that they expect to reach agreements on the renewal of transit of gas through Ukraine not later than autumn this year.

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