In the Russian city killed tortured the blue dog


www.vsyako.netPhoto: VKontakte

In the city of Udomlja of the Tver region were killed painted blue a stray dog, which allegedly was subject to abuse by local teenagers, reported on the public “Overheard in Udomlya” in “Vkontakte” on Saturday, March 30.

“The man who hit her, disappeared. If I am not mistaken, the car Renault Duster, color brown, wrote one of the wearer. What stopped the other man at the crossroads of Russia and began to tell him that he was wrong and how he is a freak. In turn, he said that is not man and went on.”

Another local resident said that the dog was taken to veterinary clinics, where she died.

Where and who before that had an animal painted in blue color, is still unknown, however, most users agree that it is teenagers do. Police checks on the fact of what happened, writes “MK in Tver”. If the information about how the animal abused adolescents confirmed that their parents will be held accountable.

Blue the dog was seen in the company of another dog that had also been colored front paws.

In December 2017, the state Duma adopted a law introducing stricter liability for zhivoderstvo. The maximum penalty is increased from two to five years of imprisonment. The punishment not only to those who hurts animals in the presence of children or acts with special sadism, but in the case of broadcasting the abuse online.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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